Monday, 9 November 2009

Unit set-ups: Long Fangs.

Image courtasy of Guys that game,

Hi, I have been thinking today. How do you set up long fang units. Do you go 5 hvy bolters or 5 lascannons or 2 of one and 3 of the other. Do you take 5 guys or 6. Do you take tank hunters or infantry manserts or a combo, even as far as whether you take all of the same tank hunting class weapons or amix (like 2 plas cannons and 3 las cannons. both are tank hunters but they work differently). Or maybe you just think that they are a bad unit as they have no ablative wounds!

I personally run a 5 man unit, 1 squad leader and 4 long fangs. they have 2 plas cannons and 2 lascannons. This is mainly because that is what I have the models for. if it was personal prefference it would be 6 dudes with 5 missile launchers for ultimate versitality.

So, what do you run. tell us. and what do you think of my build. Come on, please let us know!!!

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  1. Hello,

    I want to run 5 missile launchers but is a hell to get 5 missile launchers!!

    other then that it depends on the point i have to spent and my support troops.

    plasmacannons are scary for powerarmour enemeys