Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Ragnar's mates: Arjac Rockfist A.K.A Haegr, the man mountain!

All rights reserved for the above picture to prophet minitures.

So, I was looking at the arjac rules when I saw one of his nick name, the amn mountain. Who daes that remind me of. O yes, Haegr, from the great Space Wolf book series by william king (for the first 4 and someone else for the other 2). Read them if you like space wolves. Now, since I am doing blackmane, I want to be able to fiels Haegr so I thought I'd use Arjac's rules. For goodness sake, he can even throw his hammer like haegr can in the books and the shield ability is similar to a Haegr's bulf ability I had in mind. I just think that these rules suit him really well and will work. So, at some point I will have to make a moel. Hmm, to bad I already built my wolf guard termies!

So, what do you think. Would you do it. Tell me.

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  1. ur a fat fuck

  2. Hey man that is a great repesentation, I like the idea and was thinking the same thing so I was woundering where you got the hammer arm from.
    thx and yes I agree the books are good.

  3. Hes kinda know...his 3+ invulnerable save +1 attack SHIELD?