Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Evolution of a list: Grey Hunters V Blood claws.

Hi, today I wanted to talk about blood claw and grey hunter unit set ups.

I currently intend to run 9 blood clwas with flamer, power fist and wolf guard with TH/SS and 2x 9 grey hunters with melta gun, mark of the wulfen and wolf guard with power fist. Blood claws pod. I could swap 1 unit of hunters for some more claws though. Ehat do you think?

So, how do you set up your units and do you take blood claws over grey hunters or vice versa. Tell us, thanks for reading,


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  1. Why are you running Blood Claws in the first place? GH are 20x better than BC, with their extra WS and 10 man squad to get a second special weapon. Just ask anyone, BC are not to be used without a WP or Logan Grimnar (both for Preferred Enemy). Also, then we get to the point that you are putting in Wolf Guard, who block the 15 point meltagun GH. And on top of all these bad decisions, you put a TH/SS WG in with the Blood Claws?

    As for your question, NO, DO NOT PUT IN ANY MORE CLAWS. If anything, swap the Claws and WG out and get more GH with 2 MG/unit and a WS. If you really feel the need to play BC, play high points, so you can add Logan/WP, and put em in a LRC (assault vehicle, high armor, 16 model capacity, and, of course, Power of the Machine Spirit).