Sunday, 8 November 2009

Evoloution of a list: How do you go about it.

When building a list I bear certain things in mind, here they are in steps:

  1. The theme for the list (eg. Ragnar blackmane or mech marines or mortar gunline guard).
  2. Style of list (eg. drop pods, flamers, meltaguns).
  3. Tactics (eg. Drop down and then suicide attack or play conservatively before a last turn objective grab).
  4. Depending on style either HQ or troops, for me generally HQ
  5. Elites.
  6. The other one out of HQ and Troops.
  7. Anything else.
  8. Tot up points.
  9. Get list under the points limit.
  10. look at list as a whole.

  11. Make any ammendmants.

Now, you may write lists differently or tghink my way is not very effective. So, tell us what you do and what you think of what I do!


  1. While making a Space Wolves list, heres my priority list:

    1. 10 GH, 2 MG, 1 WS per every 500 points of the list (or 9 GH, 1 MG, WS with a RP)
    2. How many Rune Priests? (At least 1 with JotWW/LL with/without CotS, typically 2nd goes with JotWW/TW or LL/TW and a boltgun)
    3. Long Fangs!! Always 5 ML, 1 SL. 140 points for that? Absurd!
    4. Rhinos for the GH/RP units
    5. If points remain, add some Dreadnoughts in drop pods (w/ Multi-melta, HF).
    6. Upgrade those Missile Launchers to Lascannons, baby!
    7. Make those Dreadnoughts Venerable
    8. Add EA to those Dreads
    9. This is probably beyond 3500 points. If you need anything else, just start putting on EA/H-K missiles to rhinos, and DML to DPs.

  2. My bad, swap 5&6. Gotta love the lascannons!